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Force-Enable Hardware Acceleration in Firefox on Linux

Before any steps, let's check if GPU acceleration is already on.

  1. Open about:support in Firefox.
  2. Navigate to Graphics section.
  3. Check the GPU Accelerated Windows field.

If it's 1/1 or 1/2 or 2/2 or whatever, anyway, the first number must be greater than 0, then Firefox is already hardware accelerated. And you don't need to take following procedures to force-enable it. Otherwise, let's do a few modifications to force-enable the GPU acceleration in Firefox!

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Display Shutdown Dialog When Power Button Gets Clicked on ODROID-U3

In order to make your power button on ODROID-U3 work, you may have to install acpid at first. Otherwise, the power button won't even work.

I use latest Debian Wheezy on this board while MATE as the desktop environment. However, after installed acpid, the system is to shutdown immediately when I press the power button.

Let's see what acpid does when power button clicked, the contents of /etc/acpi/events/powerbtn-acpi-support are:

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Thank You Gameloft for Saving Me From You

About a week ago, I found my Asphalt8 ID was banned unexpectedly. So I did as the tip on screen says, to contact Gameloft customer care service. Well, the result turned out to be unexpected as well.

I made a screenshot containing the most recent e-mails between Gameloft and me.

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Two Months in TCD

I've been studying in Trinity College Dublin (TCD) for about two months. The master course is very intensive here, which reminds me of the the third undergraduate year in China.

To be honest, I did't like mathematics at all, especialy those partial equations. What a headache! And how brave I am to study master in the School of Mathematics! Well, that misery was in the past. I mean the math is still difficult for me, it just somehow makes me interested. After all, it doesn't count as a bad thing.

It's true that some assignments are very easy. Meanwhile, there is always at least one problem that consumes a lot of time and efforts to figure it out. And that's good for learning from my point of view. If it's too easy, then it's wasting time. While it's pointless if it's too hard. Thus, so far so good.

However, being a foreigner is not easy for me. House renting, bins collection service, GNIB card, re-entry visa, water charges application, etc. I even assembled my bed frame and the dining table along with four chairs! Those things will never happen if I stay in China. But that definitely enriches my life, in a way. :D Feels more independent now.

Resize Partitions in ODROID MicroSD Card

I purchased an ODROID-U3 (Community Edition) from HardKernel a couple of days ago. It runs much faster than what I expected. Anyway, I’d love to share my experience related to this board. So, here we go. The first chapter: Resize partitions in the microSD card.


  • A functional Linux* device (ODROID-U3 itself doesn’t count)
  • A microSD card reader

*: Other UNIX-like OS may do the work as well, but I didn’t test it.


Let me write the procedures in advance.

  1. Back up the data from microSD card partitions.
  2. Using fdisk to modify the disk partition table.
  3. Make new partitions
  4. Restore the data

Why don’t we just use resize2fs? Because I need to enlarge the first partition whose format is vfat. So I have to move the second partition right, which means changing the second partition’s header. I don’t know how to manage that, so let us just go the old-fashioned way.

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Yahoo! Weather for KDE Plasma Desktop

04 April 2015 Update: The very first port to Plasma 5 is done and released.

The default weather plasmoid stop working many times. :–( So I just decided to write a new weather widget in QML. Aims to be a fast and reliable alternative.

Yahoo! Weather Widget

Yeah, the name is Yahoo! Weather Widget. Just to clarify that it’s not an official Yahoo! product. It implements Yahoo! Weather RSS API though.

QML is great but lacking of many essential elements in Qt 4. I’ve seen huge improvements in Qt Quick 2.0 which is part of Qt 5. So, hurry up! KDE Frameworks 5 and Plasma 2!

You can check this plasmoid on kde-apps. Please, feel free to comment.

Contribute to

If you speak languages other than Chinese and English, please consider contributing to this widget’s translations.

  1. Download pot file
  2. Rename it to a po file
  3. Edit it using a tool like Lokalize or just a normal text editor
  4. Send it back to me via Email (find it in About) or whatever you like

The best way to contribute to this project is to fork this project on GitHub! Modify and send me pull requests.

Play APE Files in Linux with Amarok

Although I personally prefer FLAC than Monkey’s Audio (APE), some audio files are in latter’s format. It’s easier than you may expected to play APE files in Linux.

Player Using GStreamer as Backend

Audio players including the super famous Amarok and Banshee are using GStreamer for decoding. Now let me take Fedora as an example. Just install the RPM package gstreamer-ffmpeg and voila!

su -c 'yum install gstreamer-ffmpeg'

Player Based on MPlayer

SMPlayer, UMPlayer are in this list. Nothing special you need to do. It’s already there. Play your favourite track now!

Plasma Applet about China Air Quality

Actually I’ve uploaded this plasmoid to kde-apps since about two months ago. The applet does support English and Simplified Chinese. However, the api returns only Chinese strings, which makes this applet looks like Chinese-only.

Thanks for’s free API. Now you can check the city’s air quality index (AQI) in mainland China, just in your favourite desktop environment.

The applet is totally open-source and free for everyone. You can check the source code on Git@OSC.