[Released] ICS HatMod for Ramos W6HD Android Tablet

UPDATE ON 17th June 2012.

The China’s manufacturer Ramos has released some cheap ICS tablets including W6HD. If you had one, are you satisfied with its firmware? No Gapps….hard to root…

Well, the days are gone.

HatMod is based on Galaxy Nexus' Gapps packages and Ramos' official firmware.

If you’re looking for a rooted and gapps-equipped firmware, here it is!


  • Rooted and S-OFF (adbd runs as root now) !
  • Google Services & Apps ready.
  • Multi-language support
  • Pretty Stable
  • Ad-hoc support (Experimental)
  • New logo on boot

[Guide]How to flash HatMod:

  1. Depress the 7z file, put all extracted files into SDcard.
  2. Then, press the M button and Power button to flash it.

Known Issues:

  • Sometimes Wi-Fi switcher loses control.(Need reboot to solve it).
  • The default wallpaper doesn’t resize and relocate well.(You need set a new wallpaper manually).
  • Some apps such as Facebook and Twitter client are missing in Google Play Store.(You can download the apk files by apk downloader)
  • Some devices will un-mount /mnt/sdcard (You can modify /system/etc/vold.fstab to change the mount point. Since HatMod 1.8, you can replace the file by using adb shell easily because it’s rooted at kernel level.)

Differences in HatMod “p” version:

What’s New:

17-06-2012(HatMod 1.9):

  1. Facelock added.
  2. Change fallback font (Chinese characters) into “lantingxianhei”.
  3. Full-function version of Busybox.
  4. Change default wallpaper (HC style).

[See full change log here] (https://github.com/librehat/Hatmod/tree/master/log)


The newest one contains the newest Gapps and improve more.

HatMod 1.9: MD5: a432c003208e89e38ad44da6dd499ab7


HatMod 1.8: MD5: 17c21bf3ab1173dbabe6294c0d8c0fa4

Mediafire 4Shared

HatMod 1.7p: MD5: a51f9a5c51bd28d620b01c139db38efd


HatMod 1.7: MD5: 9f3bfb8e4629d03452265e597397c810

[Mediafire] (http://www.mediafire.com/?1vmu88thvuuwysf)

HatMod 1.6: MD5 of the file update.zip : 945554f89c72954e2cbbc8a312bcd930

Yunfile Mediafire

HatMod 1.5: MD5 of the file update.zip : 4eb9c4b974c20eb38e63cab05a68c7d0

Mediafire Yunfile 4Shared

HatMod 1.4: MD5: dd77bc3953a19635772cbcff9d694a88

Mediafire Yunfile

After you flash the new firmware, it takes longer time to boot and configure for the first time. Of course, when it boots successfully, you can select your favourite language.

If you find some issues please please please comment!

If you are to make a custom rom based on HatMod, please let me know about it at first place.

Since I have a new tablet W22pro and I plan to sell my W6HD, there won’t be any updates for W6HD. Sorry for that but thanks for your supporting.