Migrated From Blooger to Octopress

I’m proudly to claim this to you, my friends, that my English blog has migrated from Blogger to Octopress.

One drawback of this migration is the loss of comments. If you want to check that legacy, please check the old blogger.

Except from that, Octopress provides a really fast and responsive blog-aware service. And I believe you have already noticed that. :D

More details? I’ll update this post tomorrow. It’s night here. So, Good night. :–)

Why Octopress

  • It’s static! FAST than ever. No databases, no php, only HTML, CSS and some javascripts.
  • More secure! I don’t need to worry about any violent attack which may get my administration password. There’s not such a thing.
  • It supports markdown and HTML as well. Markdown is something that every hacker must give a try. Elegant and easy-to-read. Don’t want to write blog in Markdown? All right, HTML will serve as well.
  • It’s in active development.
  • What’s more important? It’s open-source and totally free.


  • As I mentioned yesterday. Migration causes comments loss since I don’t know how to import comments to Disqus.
  • Need more involvement than Blogger, WordPress, etc.
  • Dynamic contents are not very easy to be inserted.

Why OpenShift?

  • OpenShift provides much more freedom and capability than Github Pages.
  • Deployment is easy, not as easy as to GitHub Pages, though.

How could I deploy Octopress on OpenShift?

I just follow the instructions on this blog. But there are something I have to emphasize.

  1. If you use branch 2.5 of Octopress, please use my Rakefile instead of original one or Reza’s.
  2. Still. You need to make alterations based on my Rakefile. But there is no need to fill in rsync settings coz we use git.
  3. Remember to change _config.yml!
  4. Once you change a theme of Octopress, you have to re-install it to make it work.

Right… Which editor to edit markdown files? I’m using Kate which supports Markdown highlighting by default.