Qt 5 Blueprints Is Out

I have worked on this book, Qt 5 Blueprints, since last September. It turns out to be one of greatest experience in my life. :) Now, before the end of March, I'm glad to announce the publication of Qt 5 Blueprints!

I'm sure lots of people out there want to learn how to code in Qt/C++ and/or Qt Quick/QML. Now, you can buy this book directly from Packt Pub, Amazon.co.uk, or Amazon.com, to start building truly cross-platform GUI applications. By cross-platform, I mean even mobile operating systems!

This book is for those developers who are familiar with C++ but not Qt. And because Qt is more like a C-style C++ framework, you don't need to be an expert of C++. Only basic C++ knowledge is required. Moreover, this book also covers QML application development! For more details, please refer to the book page on Packt Pub.

At last but never the least, if you find any mistakes in the book, please let me know (by contacting Packt Pub). And I'll do my best to provide following errata.