Rescue Your Bricked Ramos W22PRO Tablet

If there’s no hardware problem, then you can save your “bricked” Ramos W22Pro by restoring image.

  1. Open WinImage directory, Restore the vhd image file into your SD card (Format needed to be Fat32). It’s better to use a 512MB~2G card.
  2. When the first procedure is done, open your SD card and edit the file factory_update_param.aml, delete the first and second line:


then save and exit.

  1. Put the file aml_autoscript into the root directory of your SD card, as the same location as other five files.
  2. Insert the SD card into tablet.
  3. Press Volume- and Power button, then wait for restoring. (Full electric energy would be needed)
  4. After all operations above, you need to format your SD card for normal use.


Files are uploaded in Google Drive.

WinImage and aml_autoscript file can be downloaded here.

W22Pro’s restoring vhd image can be downloaded here.

In addition, if you use Linux rather than M$ Windows. you could use these commands to write vhd to your SD card.

  1. Convert vhd to raw file. (You may need to install qemu-img at the first place.) qemu-img convert -O raw W22pro_ICS.w22ref.20120906.vhd w22pro.raw
  2. Use command dd to write raw file into your SD card.

Sorry for my bad English.