Thank You Gameloft for Saving Me From You

About a week ago, I found my Asphalt8 ID was banned unexpectedly. So I did as the tip on screen says, to contact Gameloft customer care service. Well, the result turned out to be unexpected as well.

I made a screenshot containing the most recent e-mails between Gameloft and me.

asphalt 8 id ban mail

I was totally outraged. You see, they said they can't offer any additional information according to the f***ing company policy.

Me, 100% victim. I did nothing like I said thousands of times in e-mail. I mean, it is a common way to let the "cheater" know what they did before (or after) the ban, isn't it? In this case, even worse. I didn't cheat in the game, but my account got banned.

Hell, if I cheated, why didn't I buy the top-level cars and go to win online competitions? This behaviour is kind of like sentencing a "murder" to death without even a show of the proof.

Anyway, thank you, Gameloft, for saving my valuable time from playing your s**tty games.