Two Months in TCD

I've been studying in Trinity College Dublin (TCD) for about two months. The master course is very intensive here, which reminds me of the the third undergraduate year in China.

To be honest, I did't like mathematics at all, especialy those partial equations. What a headache! And how brave I am to study master in the School of Mathematics! Well, that misery was in the past. I mean the math is still difficult for me, it just somehow makes me interested. After all, it doesn't count as a bad thing.

It's true that some assignments are very easy. Meanwhile, there is always at least one problem that consumes a lot of time and efforts to figure it out. And that's good for learning from my point of view. If it's too easy, then it's wasting time. While it's pointless if it's too hard. Thus, so far so good.

However, being a foreigner is not easy for me. House renting, bins collection service, GNIB card, re-entry visa, water charges application, etc. I even assembled my bed frame and the dining table along with four chairs! Those things will never happen if I stay in China. But that definitely enriches my life, in a way. :D Feels more independent now.