Unofficial CyanogenMod 10 for Ramos W22PRO Tablet

Updated on 20 Jan.

Version: RC5

Download Link

SourceForge | Google Drive

Changelog (Since RC4)

20 Jan. 2013, RC5
Minor updates and bugs fixed.
Superuser permission is back.
24 Dec. 2012, RC4, Merry Christmas!
Use the latest kernel of Ramos official firmware.
Minor updates and bugs fixed.
Decrease the default CPU minimum frequency to 336MHz.
Improve audio effects configuration.
More details, you may access our forum(well, it’s in Chinese)

I’d like to let you know that I have moved my blog to Open Shift, thus, I won’t update this blogger anymore.(I will write blogs here.)

My New Blog address is: Many articles are in Chinese, but I’ll write English ones.

CM10 build for W22PRO isn’t very stable (I know I marked it as Release Candidate). If you want to use an ROM as a daily-using one, I’d like to recommend CM9 for you. I’ve already marked that as Final version.

Download Unofficial CyanogenMod 9 for Ramos W22PRO from Mediafire

19 Dec.

I create a project on SourceForge to keep my files. Maybe you could download them here.

Please, feel free to comment.

19 Dec.

Boot.img patch for CM10 RC3.

It’s highly recommended to apply!

Download from Ramosroms projects on SourceForge

What you need to do is use TWRP Recovery or CWM Recovery to flash the patch to your device and reboot it. No wipe needed. You could set cpu frequency:

Don’t install any app like SetCPU because it will be handled at a lower level. I’ve added a couple of goodies too, you can manage cpu min/max freq with display on/off editing the following values in /system/build.prop


As you can see if defaults to 408 MHz / 1320 MHz with display ON and 96 MHz / 1008 MHz with display off.

Don’t change governor or the power HAL won’t be used.

TWRP or CWM-based recovery for W22PRO usage.

  1. Download the compressed file on sourceforge.
  2. Extract uImage_recovery from the compressed file.
  3. Put uImage_recovery under your external SD card’s root directory. And don’t put other amlogic stuffs under the root directory.
  4. Press Vol- and Power button until you get into recovery mode.

23 Dec.

I’m so sorry that the previous cwm-based recovery I uploaded can’t mount ubifs partition (a.k.a. /system and /data). I upload a new version of it which has fixed this problem. PLZ…. update your cwm-based recovery.